Published on Mar 12, 2020
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Today marked another major downturn for both equities and cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is down over 25% and equities are down over 7% as of this recording.

We are at the beginning of a long-term stay-at-home economy. The potential impact of COVID-19 on businesses, employees, entrepreneurs, investors and everyone else is unknown at this point.

It’s hard to say whether we’re going to see crypto/bitcoin develop as a safe haven asset or if we’ll see it follow the rest of the markets as people panic sell into cash to stave off potential risk.

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In This Episode:

  • Bitcoin is too young to be a safe haven from traditional markets
  • Potential opportunity to spread your exposure
  • Long-term thinking versus short-term thinking
  • The lost year
  • The economy is propped up on thin air and poor monetary policies
  • Staying safe and how I’m approaching this market

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