Published on Mar 12, 2020
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We can hear screeming all over the community –Vote for the Witnesses!
We all know them for their reputation and contribution to the community, we also know how important it is to vote for them at this specific point of time.
I thought it certainly wouldn't hurt to present them through video format, yet many of us are visual types and perhaps is easier through video to persuade/push them to vote.
Rendering of this video took more than 19 hours ,but I am happy with the result;

In this video are included top 30 witnesses with their avatars by the position on witness list. On date 11.03.2020.
@blocktrades, @good-karma, @roelandp, @anyx, @ausbitbank, @yabapmatt, @someguy123, @gtg, @themarkymark, @steempress, @cervantes , @drakos, @aggroed, @therealwolf, @lukestokes.mhth, @followbtcnews, @thecryptodrive, @steempeak, @abit, @ocd-witness, @emrebeyler, @curie, @stoodkev, @netuoso, @timcliff, @actifit, @arcange, @pharesim, @liondani, @jesta

Keep voting on witnesses !
You can do it here : or better use @steempeak here :

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